One Word Substitution Set-2

1) Act of taking one's life
(A) Suicide
(B) Slaughter
(C) Homicide
(D) Immolation

2) A person who brings goods illegally into the country
(A) Exporters
(B) Importers
(C) Smuggler
(D) Imposter

3) A man who dances to the tunes of his wife
(A) Effeminate
(B) Slave
(C) Henpecked
(D) Chum

4) A place of ideal peace and happiness
(A) Asylum
(B) Utopia
(C) El Dorado
(D) Elysium

5) One who stirs people for personal politics or profit
(A) Pedagogue
(B) Demagogue
(C) Dictator
(D) Hypocrite

6) One who is honorably discharged from service
(A) Emeritus
(B) Honorary
(C) Sinecure
(D) Retired

7) Shining, brilliant and magnificent
(A) Luminous
(B) Gleaming
(C) Resplendent
(D) Polished

8) Cutting for stone in the bladder
(A) Dichotomy
(B) Tubectomy
(C) Vasectomy
(D) Lithotomy

9) A heavy unnatural slumber
(A) Nap
(B) Insomnia
(C) Coma
(D) Stupor

10) Changing one's mind too quickly
(A) Adaptability
(B) Instability
(C) Versatility
(D) Vacillation

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