One Word Substitution Set-2 Page-2

11) A person who travels to a sacred place as an act of religious devotion
(A) Hermit
(B) Pilgrim
(C) Saint
(D) Mendicant

12) To do away with a rule
(A) Cancel
(B) Repeal
(C) Obliterate
(D) Abrogate

13) One who talks very little
(A) Reserved
(B) Mute
(C) Phlegmatic
(D) Stoic

14) A person sharing responsibility for a political party's discipline and tactics
(A) Statesman
(B) Diplomat
(C) Whip
(D) Defector

15) Food which agrees with one's taste
(A) Pungent
(B) Palatable
(C) Sensuous
(D) Edible

16) Government by the representatives of the people
(A) Diplomacy
(B) Democracy
(C) Socialism
(D) Autocracy

17) Informal business communication with a personal signature
(A) Agendum
(B) Corrigendum
(C) Plagiarism
(D) Memorandum

18) One who loves books
(A) Bibliophobe
(B) Bibliographer
(C) Bibliophile
(D) Bibliophagist

19) One knowing everything
(A) Learned
(B) Omnipresent
(C) Omnipotent
(D) Omniscient

20) A story in verse
(A) Elegy
(B) Hymn
(C) Sonnet
(D) Ballad