One Word Substitution Set-2 Page-6

51) One who specializes in the study of birds
(A) Biologist
(B) Naturalist
(C) Zoologist
(D) Ornithologist

52) Property inherited from one's father or ancestors
(A) Alimony
(B) Patrimony
(C) Legacy
(D) Inheritance

53) Connoisseur of choice food
(A) Greedy
(B) Glutton
(C) Gourmet
(D) Gourmand

54) Person who makes love for amusement without serious intentions
(A) Concubine
(B) Philanderer
(C) Dandy
(D) Flirt

55) A person pretending to be somebody he is not
(A) Imposter
(B) Mar
(C) Rogue
(D) Magician

56) One who eats human flesh
(A) Beast
(B) Savage
(C) Cannibal
(D) Carnivorous

57) Allowance due to a wife from her husband on separation
(A) Bail
(B) Alimony
(C) Dole
(D) Compensation

58) Fear of going to bed
(A) Clinophobia
(B) Ballistophobia
(C) Xenophobia
(D) Nomophobia

59) Official in-charge of a museum
(A) Dean
(B) Warden
(C) Curator
(D) Supervisor

60) The doctrine that human souls pass from one body to another at the time of death
(A) Metamorphosis
(B) Transition
(C) Transmigration
(D) Extrapolation