One Word Substitution Set-2 Page-9

81) Yearly celebration of a date or an event
(A) Centenary
(B) Jubilee
(C) Anniversary
(D) Birthday

82) Public building where weapons and ammunition are made or stored
(A) Godown
(B) Cellar
(C) Armory
(D) Arsenal

83) The caretaker of a public building
(A) Dean
(B) Cellar
(C) Custodian
(D) Warden

84) Interested mainly in a small group, country etc
(A) Fanatic
(B) Patriotic
(C) Insular
(D) Usurer

85) One who cannot be corrected
(A) Invulnerable
(B) Hardened
(C) Incurable
(D) Incorrigible

86) A person who enters without any invitation
(A) Burglar
(B) Intruder
(C) Thief
(D) Vandal

87) The period between two reigns
(A) Lapse
(B) Intermission
(C) Anachronism
(D) Intermission

88) Poem in short stanzas narrating a popular story
(A) Ballet
(B) Epic
(C) Ballad
(D) Sonnet

89) Lack of enough blood
(A) Amnesia
(B) Insomnia
(C) Anemia
(D) Allergy

90) A man who is having the qualities of woman
(A) Loquacious
(B) Celibate
(C) Effeminate
(D) Epicurean