International Days

January 4: World Braille Day
January 6: World Day for War Orphans
January 27: International Holocaust Remembrance Day
January 28: Data Protection Day
January 31: Leprosy Prevention Day

February 2: World Wetlands Day
February 4: World Cancer Day
February 12: Darwin Day
February 13: World Radio Day
February 14: Valentine's Day
February 20: World Day of Social Justice
February 21: International Mother Language Day
February 22: World Scout Day

March 1: World Civil Defence Day
March 4: World Day of the Fight Against Sexual Exploitation
March 8: International Women's Day, World Kidney Day
March 15: World Consumer Rights Day
March 21: World Sleep Day
March 21: International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, Forests Day
March 22: World Day for Water, World Poetry Day
March 23: World Meteorological Day
March 24: World Tuberculosis Day
March 27: World Theatre Day

April 2: World Autism Awareness Day
April 4: World Pillow Day
April 7: World Health Day
April 12: World Street Children Day
April 17: World Farmers Day
April 22: Earth Day
April 23: World Book and Copyright Day
April 24: World Veterinary Day
April 25: World Malaria Day, International DNA Day
April 26: World Intellectual Property Day
April 28: World Day for Safety & Health at Work
April 29: World Dance Day

May 1: May Day - Labour Day
May 3: World Press Freedom Day, World Asthma Day
May 4: International Firefighters' Day
May 5: World Midwives Day
May 7: World Engineers Day
May 8: World Red Goss 6 Red Crescent Day, Thalassaemia Day
May 9: World Mothers Day
May 12: International Nurses Day, International Just Trade Day
May 14: Bone & Joint Day
May 15: International Day of Families
May 17: World Hyper Tension Day, World Telecommunication Day
May 18: World Museum Day
May 19: Hepatitis Day
May 21: World Anti-Terrorism Day
May 22: International Day for Biological Diversity
May 23: World Squash Day, World Turtle Day
May 28: Anti-Narcotics Day, Engineers Day
May 29: UN Peace Missions Day
May 30: World Sports Day
May 31: World No Tobacco Day
1st Tuesday of May: World Asthma Day
2nd Saturday of May: World Fair Trade Day

June 1: International Children's Day, World Milk Day
June 5: World Environment Day
June 8: World Brain Tumour Day. World Ocean Day
June 9: International Accreditation Day
June 12: World Day against Child Labour
June 14: World Blood Donor Day
June 18: International Picnic Day
June 20: World Refugee Day
June 21: World Music Day
June 23: Public Service Day
June 26: Anti-Narcotics Day, Anti-Violence Day
3rd Sunday in June: Fathers' Day

July 2: Sports Journalism Day
July 4: World Cooperative Day
July 11: World Population Day
July 24: World Parents Day
July 28: Hepatitis Day
July 30: World Friendship Day

August 3: World Friendship Day
August 8: International Day of the World's Indigenous People
August 11: World Minorities Day
August 12: International Youth Day
August 13: Left Handers Day
August 19: World Humanity Day, World Breast Feeding Day
August 23: World Slavery Abolition Day
August 30: International Day of the Disappeared

September 4: World Veil Day
September 5: World Vulture Day
September 8: International Literacy Day, World Physiotherapy Day
September 10: Suicide Prevention Day
September 11: World First Aid Day
September 12: World Oral Health Day
September 13: Grand Parents Day
September 15: International Day of Democracy
September 16: International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer
September 21: World Alzheimer's Day
September 22: Car Free Day
September 24: World Clean-up Day
September 26: World Heart Day
September 27: World Tourism Day
September 28: World Rabies Day

October 1: World Vegetarian Day. Senior Citizens Day
October 2: International Day of Non-Violence
October 3: World Habitat Day
October 4: World Animal Day
October 5: World Teachers' Day
October 7: World Employment Day, World Smile Day
October 8: World Humanitarian Action Day, World Natural Calamities Prevention Day, World Sight Day
October 9: World Post Day
October 10: World Mental Health Day, World Egg Day, World Anti-Capital Punishment Day
October 11: World Girls Day
October 12: World Arthritis Day
October 14: World Standards Day
October 15: International Day of Rural Women, Global Hand Washing Day, World White Stick Day
October 16: World Food Day
October 17: International Day for the Eradication of Poverty
October 20: World Chefs Day
October 24: United Nations Day, World Acupuncture Day
October 24: World Development Information Day
October 31: World Savings Day

November 9: World Freedom Day, World Inventors Day
November 10: World Science Day
November 12: World Pneumonia Day
November 14: World Diabetes Day
November 16: International Day for Tolerance
November 17: International Studies Day
November 19: World Toilet Day
November 20: Universal Children's Day
November 21: World Hello Day
November 21: World Television Day
November 21: World Fishermen's Day
November 25: International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women
November 29: International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People
3rd Sunday in November : Traffic Accident Victims Day

December 1: World AIDS Day
December 2: International Day for the Abolition of Slavery
December 3: International Day of Disabled Persons
December 5: International Volunteer Day
December 7: International Civil Aviation Day
December 9: The International Day against Corruption. World Allergy Day
December 10: Human Rights Day
December 11: International Mountain Day
December 14: World Monkeys Day
December 15: World Tea Day
December 18: International Migrants Day
December 20: International Human Solidarity Day

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