One Word Substitution Set-2 Page-7

61) People at a lecture or concert
(A) Congregation
(B) Audience
(C) Mob
(D) Spectators

62) A person's first speech
(A) Preface
(B) Maiden
(C) Opener
(D) Spectators

63) To come as a settler into another country
(A) Alienate
(B) Emigrate
(C) Migrate
(D) Immigrate

64) A drawing on transparent paper
(A) Red print
(B) Blue print
(C) Negative
(D) Transparency

65) Giving undue favors to one's own kith and kin
(A) Favoritism
(B) Nepotism
(C) Corruption
(D) Worldliness

66) A person who is very loud of sensuous
(A) Epicure
(B) Stoic
(C) Lusty
(D) Hedonist

67) A person who pretends to have more knowledge or skill than he really has
(A) Renegade
(B) Apostle
(C) Charlatan
(D) Hedonist

68) The act of violating the sanctity of church
(A) Heresy
(B) Desecration
(C) Sacrilege
(D) Blasphemy

69) One who sacrifices his life for a cause
(A) Soldier
(B) Revolutionary
(C) Martyr
(D) Patriot

70) Bring to an end
(A) Hurl
(B) Hustle
(C) Final
(D) Finish