One Word Substitution Set-2 Page-4

31) One who promotes the idea of absence of government of any kind, when every man should be a law unto himself
(A) Anarchist
(B) Belligerent
(C) Iconoclast
(D) Agnostic

32) One who is likeable
(A) Amicable
(B) Amiable
(C) Effusive
(D) Ebullient

33) Person who gives himself upto luxury and sexual pleasures
(A) Masochist
(B) Voluptuary
(C) Debauch
(D) Epicure

34) A field or a part of a garden where fruit trees grow
(A) Park
(B) Nursery
(C) Yard
(D) Orchard

35) Something which is not thorough or profound
(A) Superficial
(B) Superstitious
(C) Superfluous
(D) Supernatural

36) A woman of lax moral
(A) Prostitute
(B) Harlot
(C) Concubine
(D) Hostess

37) A slow-witted and incompetent person
(A) Nigger
(B) Dud
(C) Snotty
(D) Duffer

38) Using of new words
(A) Coinage
(B) Vocabulary
(C) Neologism
(D) Malapropism

39) Indifference to pleasure or pain
(A) Docility
(B) Stoicism
(C) Patience
(D) Reticence

40) One who is neither intelligent nor dull
(A) Tolerable
(B) Commoner
(C) Mediocre
(D) Diligent