One Word Substitution Set-2 Page-5

41) Equal in rank, merit or quality
(A) Chum
(B) Contemporary
(C) Peer
(D) Colleague

42) Person who gives written testimony for use in a law court
(A) Deponent
(B) Appellant
(C) Witness
(D) Litigant

43) Present opposing arguments or evidence
(A) Rebut
(B) Criticize
(C) Rebuff
(D) Reprimand

44) Books, pictures etc. intended to arouse sexual desire
(A) Lewd
(B) Licentious
(C) Pornography
(D) Erotica

45) A person who makes and sells ladies hats, etc
(A) Draper
(B) Tinker
(C) Milliner
(D) Farrier

46) Careful in performing duties
(A) Punctual
(B) Punctilious
(C) Sincere
(D) Pugnacious

47) To mediate between two parties in dispute
(A) Interfere
(B) Interact
(C) Interrupt
(D) Intercede

48) A thing liable to be easily broken
(A) Breakable
(B) Ductile
(C) Brittle
(D) Delicate

49) The place where bricks are baked
(A) Foundry
(B) Mint
(C) Cemetery
(D) Kiln

50) The branch of problems of the old
(A) Oncology
(B) Geriatrics
(C) Obstetrics
(D) Endocrinology