One Word Substitution Set-2 Page-3

21) Plain or self-evident truth
(A) Proverb
(B) Precept
(C) Truism
(D) Formula

22) The list of courses at a meal or of dishes that can be served in a restaurant
(A) Agenda
(B) Menu
(C) Biodata
(D) Catalogue

23) Parts of a country behind the coast or a river's banks
(A) Swamps
(B) Archipelago
(C) Hinterland
(D) isthmus

24) Printed notice of somebody's death
(A) Condolence
(B) Calumny
(C) Obituary
(D) Ouija

25) A room leading into a large room or hall
(A) Anteroom
(B) Lounge
(C) Lobby
(D) Pantry

26) Just punishment for wrong doing
(A) Nemesis
(B) Purgation
(C) Wrath
(D) Catharsis

27) A person who has just started learning
(A) Foreman
(B) Accomplice
(C) Novice
(D) Apprentice

28) A low-area storm with high winds rotating about a centre of low atmospheric pressure
(A) Cyclone
(B) Tornado
(C) Typhoon
(D) Hurricane

29) To break off proceedings of a meeting for a time
(A) Convene
(B) Terminate
(C) Adjourn
(D) Procrastinate

30) A fault that may be forgiven
(A) Mercenary
(B) Venial
(C) Pardonable
(D) Excusable