One Word Substitution Set-2 Page-10

91) A word no longer in use
(A) Exotic
(B) Primitive
(C) Obsolete
(D) Ancient

92) One who does not know how to save money
(A) Reckless
(B) Lavish
(C) Careless
(D) Spendthrift

93) A person 70 to 79 years old
(A) Nonagenarian
(B) Centenarian
(C) Octogenarian
(D) Septuagenarian

94) A person who sneaks into a country
(A) Infiltrator
(B) Sniper
(C) Invader
(D) Aggressor

95) A short journey made by a group of persons
(A) Hike
(B) Excursion
(C) Picnic
(D) Stroll

96) People in a rowdy scene
(A) Mob
(B) Crowd
(C) Rabble
(D) Congregation

97) Creature having both male and female organs
(A) Sodomite
(B) Homosexual
(C) Masochist
(D) Hermaphrodite

98) One who has suddenly gained new wealth, power or prestige
(A) Aristocrat
(B) Affluent
(C) Maverick
(D) Parvenu

99) A person working in the same place with another
(A) Comrade
(B) Colleague
(C) Assistant
(D) Contemporary

100) Interval between two events or two periods of time of different character
(A) Intermission
(B) Interlude
(C) Interpolation
(D) Appendix