One Word Substitution

1) An office or post with no work but high pay
(A) Honorary
(B) Sinecure
(C) Gratis
(D) Ex-officio

2) One who is well-versed in any subject; a critical judge of any art, particularly fine arts
(A) Veteran
(B) Philistine
(C) Dilettante
(D) Connoisseur

3) Person who is indifferent to both pleasure and pain
(A) Saint
(B) Ascetic
(C) Stoic
(D) Hermit

4) A person who is against the standards of ordinary society especially in dressing
(A) Joker
(B) Hippy
(C) Scapegoat
(D) Butt

5) Murder of a brother
(A) Patricide
(B) Regicide
(C) Homicide
(D) Fratricide

6) Mania for stealing articles
(A) Logomania
(B) Nymphomania
(C) Kleptomania
(D) Hypomania

7) Mental weariness for want of occupation
(A) Fatigue
(B) Ennui
(C) Languor
(D) Debility

8) One who loves all and sundry
(A) Optimist
(B) Humanist
(C) Altruist
(D) Philanthropist

9) Mania for travel
(A) Dromomania
(B) Pyromania
(C) Biblomania
(D) Logomania

10) A person living permanently in a certain place
(A) Native
(B) Resident
(C) Domicile
(D) Subject

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