One Word Substitution Page-2

11) Paying back injury with injury
(A) Vendetta
(B) Repression
(C) Subjugation
(D) Reprisal

12) Acutely affected by external impressions
(A) Ingenious
(B) Impressionable
(C) Credulous
(D) Sensitive

13) To slap with a flat object
(A) Hew
(B) Swat
(C) Chop
(D) Gnaw

14) An assembly of hearers
(A) Audience
(B) Crowd
(C) Congregation
(D) Assemblage

15) An associate in an office or institution
(A) Companion
(B) Ally
(C) Colleague
(D) Accomplice

16) One who is unrelenting and cannot be moved by entreaties
(A) Inexorable
(B) Infallible
(C) Impregnable
(D) Inexplicable

17) Regard for others as a principle of action
(A) Cynicism
(B) Nepotism
(C) Philanthropy
(D) Altruism

18) Person who claims to have great love and understanding of what is beautiful in nature, art etc
(A) Critic
(B) Aesthete
(C) Connoisseur
(D) Artist

19) A disease which spreads by contact
(A) Infectious
(B) Contagious
(C) Contiguous
(D) Contextual

20) An animal story with a moral
(A) Fable
(B) Tale
(C) Anecdote
(D) Parable