One Word Substitution Page-10

91) Person holding a scholarship at a university
(A) Intellectual
(B) Pedant
(C) Scholar
(D) Bursar

92) A person concerned with practical results and values
(A) Plagiarist
(B) Realist
(C) Pragmatist
(D) Fundamentalist

93) Member of a band of robbers
(A) Dacoit
(B) Brigand
(C) Thief
(D) Pirate

94) A person without manners or polish
(A) Rustic
(B) Native
(C) Boorish
(D) Barbarian

95) A speech by an actor at the end of a play
(A) Epilogue
(B) Monologue
(C) Duologue
(D) Prologue

96) Responsible according to law
(A) Liable
(B) Eligible
(C) Legalized
(D) Legitimate

97) A funny imitation of a poem
(A) Counterfeit
(B) Sonnet
(C) Caricature
(D) Parody

98) Decision made upon a political question by the votes of all qualified persons
(A) Veto
(B) Suffrage
(C) Plebiscite
(D) Franchise

99) Wistful longing for something one has known in the past
(A) Hysteria
(B) Megalomania
(C) Nostalgia
(D) Logomania

100) A person who is made to bear the blame due to others
(A) Innocent
(B) Scapegoat
(C) Ignoramus
(D) Nincompoop