One Word Substitution Page-7

61) The power of reading the thoughts of others
(A) Psychopathy
(B) Telecommunication
(C) Psychology
(D) Telepathy

62) Use of words than are needed to express the meaning
(A) Circumlocution
(B) Verbatim
(C) Ventriloquism
(D) Pleonasm

63) The science of judging a person's character, capabilities, etc. from an examination of the shape of his skull
(A) Physiology
(B) Anthropology
(C) Phrenology
(D) Morphology

64) One filled with excessive and mistaken enthusiasm in cause
(A) Martyr
(B) Pedant
(C) Fanatic
(D) Patriot

65) A person who rarely speaks the truth
(A) Scoundrel
(B) Liar
(C) Crook
(D) Hypocrite

66) Time after twilight and before night
(A) Evening
(B) Dawn
(C) Dusk
(D) Eclipse

67) Custom of having many wives
(A) Polyandry
(B) Polygyny
(C) Matrimony
(D) Celibacy

68) To bring peace, and end violence
(A) Soothe
(B) Harmonize
(C) Pacify
(D) Tranquilize

69) Animals having on land and in water
(A) Ambiguous
(B) Amphibian
(C) Amorphous
(D) Ambivalent

70) One who plays a game for pleasure and not professionally
(A) Veteran
(B) Player
(C) Connoisseur
(D) Amateur