One Word Substitution Page-4

31) The cessation of warfare before a treaty is signed
(A) Affidavit
(B) Agreement
(C) Armistice
(D) Amnesty

32) A person who makes love without serious intentions
(A) Consort
(B) Philanderer
(C) Romeo
(D) Goon

33) Opposed to great or sudden change
(A) Static
(B) Revolutionary
(C) Conservative
(D) Evolutionary

34) Having no beginning or end to its existence
(A) Eternal
(B) Obscure
(C) Universal
(D) Immeasurable

35) The art of cutting trees and bushes into ornamental shapes
(A) Horticulture
(B) Bonsai
(C) Pruning
(D) Topiary

36) Walking in sleep
(A) Somniloquist
(B) Somnambulism
(C) Obsession
(D) Hallucination

37) One who cannot die
(A) Stable
(B) Immortal
(C) Perpetual
(D) Perennial

38) A formal written change against a person for some crime or offence
(A) Accusation
(B) Indictment
(C) Allegation
(D) Acrimony

39) Language difficult to understand because of bad form
(A) Rhetoric
(B) Jargon
(C) Pedantic
(D) Verbatim

40) Belief or opinion contrary to what is generally accepted
(A) Unbelief
(B) Superstition
(C) Non-conformity
(D) Heresy