One Word Substitution Page-8

71) That which can be interpreted in any way
(A) Ambient
(B) Ambivalent
(C) Amphibious
(D) Ambiguous

72) A political leader who tries to stir up people
(A) Demagogue
(B) Dictator
(C) Statesman
(D) Martinet

73) A light sailing boat built especially for racing
(A) Dinghy
(B) Canoe
(C) Yacht
(D) Frigate

74) Person who has long experience
(A) Stalwart
(B) Pedantic
(C) Itinerant
(D) Veteran

75) Atonement for one's sins
(A) Redemption
(B) Repentance
(C) Salvation
(D) Expiation

76) An instrument for viewing objects at a distance
(A) Microscope
(B) Telescope
(C) Periscope
(D) Kaleidoscope

77) Be the embodiment or perfect example of:
(A) Signify
(B) Characterize
(C) Personify
(D) Masquerade

78) A general pardon of political offenders
(A) Parole
(B) Forgiveness
(C) Clemency
(D) Amnesty

79) A man who operates on sick people
(A) Physician
(B) Operator
(C) Surgeon
(D) Physiotherapist

80) A person who maliciously destroys by fire
(A) Antagonist
(B) Activist
(C) Terrorist
(D) Incendiary