One Word Substitution Page-9

81) A house for strong grains
(A) Cellar
(B) Store
(C) Godown
(D) Granary

82) A person very hard to please
(A) Obstinate
(B) Unconquerable
(C) Fastidious
(D) Invincible

83) A person claiming to be superior in culture and intellect to others
(A) Intellectual
(B) Aristocrat
(C) Elite
(D) Highbrow

84) One who totally abstains from alcoholic drinks
(A) Puritan
(B) Samaritan
(C) Pedant
(D) Teetotaler

85) A name adopted by an author in his writings
(A) Title
(B) Nomenclature
(C) Nickname
(D) Pseudonym

86) The line which a plough cuts in the ground
(A) Vale
(B) Trench
(C) Furrow
(D) Trough

87) A man who pays too much attention to his clothes and personal appearance
(A) Snob
(B) Duffer
(C) Dandy
(D) Licentious

88) A person who forsakes religion
(A) Chariatan
(B) Apostle
(C) Renegade
(D) Apotheosis

89) Of unknown and unadmitted authorship
(A) Gullible
(B) Anonymous
(C) Unanimous
(D) Vexation

90) Contempt of God
(A) Illegible
(B) Unintelligible
(C) Unknown
(D) Undecipherable