One Word Substitution Page-6

51) A person who speaks for or supports an idea
(A) Pioneer
(B) Adviser
(C) Advocate
(D) Ideologist

52) A man of odd habits
(A) Eccentric
(B) Cynical
(C) Introvert
(D) Moody

53) A thing or person behind time
(A) Lazy
(B) Sluggish
(C) Indolent
(D) Antiquated

54) One whose attitude is: 'eat, drink and be merry'
(A) Epicurean
(B) Cynic
(C) Materialistic
(D) Stoic

55) Science of printing
(A) Calligraphy
(B) Typography
(C) Topography
(D) Cryptography

56) Man whose wife has been unfaithful
(A) Dandy
(B) Bastard
(C) Concubine
(D) Cuckold

57) Deriving pleasure from inflicting pain on others
(A) Sadism
(B) Malevolence
(C) Bigotry
(D) Masochism

58) One who robs smuggler of his smuggled goods after the border has been crossed
(A) Pirate
(B) Malefactor
(C) Hijacker
(D) Philanderer

59) Course for chariot races
(A) Sanatorium
(B) Hangar
(C) Hippodrome
(D) Arena

60) One who pretends illness to escape duty
(A) Truant
(B) Malingerer
(C) Hypocrite
(D) Concubine