Sentence Completion-II

1) The salesman in that clothing store are so ___ that it is impossible to even look at a garment without being ___ by their effort to convince you to purchase.
(A) offensive, considerate
(B) persistent, irritated
(C) extensive, induced
(D) immune, aided

2) In spite of the ___ of her presentation, many people were ___ with the speaker's concepts and ideas.
(A) interest, enthralled
(B) power, taken
(C) intensity, socked
(D) strength, bored

3) It has been said that honesty is the best policy; on the other hand, some ___ individuals prosper for a while. Their ___ seems to help them in the interim.
(A) mendacious, mendacity
(B) Usurious, usuriousness
(C) acrimonious, acrimoniousness
(D) oblivious, oblivion

4) Any modern country must ___ basic research because the discoveries and insights of science are ___ for dealing with such perplexing problems as health, energy and fragile environment.
(A) support, essential
(B) sustain, Irrelevant
(C) drive, intrinsic
(D) ignore, important

5) The geological record is ___ with climatic changes similar in magnitude to the change now going on, but past changes were slow enough to allow most species to ___.
(A) filled, change
(B) replete, adapt
(C) Complete, perish
(D) marked, evolve

6) The study of vision would seem to indicate that the mind must create a rough map of the ___ and ___ of a raw scene in order to reach a visual.
(A) terminals, demarcation
(B) delimitation, laterality
(C) boundaries, borders
(D) dextrality, sinistrality

7) At a time of rampant environmentalism, it is perhaps worth noting that geological processes amount to a ___ efficient, long term disposal and ___ system.
(A) extraordinary, closed
(B) very, mechanical
(C) satisfactorily, regenerating
(D) remarkably, recycling

8) Harts was rather___about what paintings were hung in his study, but, in contrast, was quite___about what furniture was in the room.
(A) fastidious, indifferent
(B) inflexible, obstinate
(C) undecided, tentative
(D) demanding, definite

9) One of the paradoxes of life is the friction be-tween our hunger for ___ and our grudging ___ that there is indeed nothing now under the sun.
(A) Variety, denial
(B) infamy, acceptance
(C) novelty, insistence
(D) conformity, admission

10) In view of the___value of the new treatment for this complicated case___with another physician is advisable.
(A) questionable, a consultation
(B) necessary, an interlude
(C) accepted, an exploration
(D) impossible, a confrontation