Sentence Completion Page-6

51) From his ___ manner, we could all tell that the was of birth ___.
(A) boorish, noble
(B) aristocratic, humble
(C) regard, royal
(D) refined, common

52) Because of his ___ sense of his own importance, He often tried to ___ our activities.
(A) exaggerated, monopolize
(B) inflated, autonomize
(C) insecure, violate
(D) modest, dominate

53) He demanded ___ obedience from us, and was always telling us we must be ___ subjects.
(A) total, foolish
(B) partial, cringing
(C) formal, rigorous
(D) complete, compliant

54) The ___ of the Titanic could have been avoided if more safety ___ had been taken.
(A) tragedy, precautions
(B) embargo, preservers
(C) disaster, reservations
(D) crew, measures

55) We are ___ going to have to face the reality that the resources of Earth are ___.
(A) finally, worthless
(B) gradually, limitless
(C) eventually, finite
(D) quickly, unavailable

56) With ___ a thought for his own safety, Scott ___ dashed back across the courtyard.
(A) even, quickly
(B) scarcely, nimbly
(C) barely, cautiously
(D) seldom, swiftly

57) He should be ___ to complain. since his salary is ___ with his productivity.
(A) right, proportionate
(B) brought, balanced
(C) foolish, gratuitous
(D) loath, commensurate

58) By the stroke of luck the troops ___, avoiding a crushing ___.
(A) converged, blow
(B) prevailed, defeat
(C) diverged, siege
(D) retrenched, retreat

59) Since several offices have been ___ across the street the old directory is now ___.
(A) refurbished, adequate
(B) deployed, reserved
(C) relocated, obsolete
(D) removed, upgraded

60) His ___ manner served to hide the fact that he secretly indulged in the very vices he publicly ___.
(A) sedulous, dispelled
(B) sanctimonious, condemned
(C) dogmatic, espoused
(D) candid, promulgated