Sentence Completion Page-5

41) While fewer documents are being kept, the usefulness of those ___ is now ___ by on improved cataloging system.
(A) printed, documented
(B) discarded, concurred
(C) read, emblazoned
(D) retained, insured

42) Human survival is a result of mutual assistance since people are essentially ___ rater than ___.
(A) superior, inferior
(B) cooperative, competitive
(C) physical, mental
(D) dependent, insensate

43) Even as they ___ their pledges of support, they secretly planned a betrayal, their actions ___ their words.
(A) demonstrated, echoed
(B) confirmed, reinforced
(C) reiterated, believed
(D) submitted, emphasized

44) Their ___ debate, billed as a(n) ___ of their opinions, was only needless repetition.
(A) senseless, exoneration
(B) national, travesty
(C) primary, renunciation
(D) final, clarification

45) The product of a ___ religious home, he often found ___ in prayer.
(A) zealously, distraction
(B) devoutly, solace
(C) vigorously, comfort
(D) pious, answers

46) ___ mob began to form, full of angry men ___ incoherent threats.
(A) An excited, whispering
(B) A listless, shouting
(C) An ugly, gesturing
(D) A lynch, muttering

47) In the ___ downpour, the women managed to ___ us and disappear.
(A) ensuing, evade
(B) incessant, pervade
(C) torrential, provoke
(D) insipid, avoid

48) Working ___ under the pressure of time, Steven did not notice his ___ mistake.
(A) leisurely, stupid
(B) frantically, inevitable
(C) rapidly, careless
(D) continually, redundant

49) With ___ grin, Scott quickly ___ his way through the crowd toward us.
(A) an infectious, demolished
(B) a sappy, devoured
(C) an irrepressible, maneuvered
(D) a surly, crawled

50) The ___ of the early morning light ___ the room, making it larger and cozier at once.
(A) brilliance, shattered
(B) softness, transformed
(C) harshness, transfigured
(D) warmth, disfigured