Sentence Completion Page-2

11) Parental devotion, especially if overly solicitous, has its ___ one of which is ___ a child's progress toward maturity.
(A) delusion, envisioning
(B) excesses, abetting
(C) rewards, ameliorating
(D) pitfalls, protracting

12) As a scientist, Leonardo da vinci was capable of ___, but his mistakes are remarkably few in light of his ___.
(A) error, accomplishment
(B) artistry, failures
(C) genius, works
(D) innovation, lapses

13) In a recent biography of this renowned millionaire the subject emerges as a ___ and gentleman, proving that money does not necessarily ___.
(A) lonely, alienate
(B) perceptive, enlighten
(C) generous, corrupt
(D) dignified, ennoble

14) The fact that poverty often ___ in high industrialized areas may indicate that the condition is ___ by industrial progress itself.
(A) thrives, thwarted
(B) occurs, engendered
(C) arrives, threatened
(D) recurs, alleviated

15) He has several talents that ___ the possibility of genius, however, no one of them is quite transcendent enough to ___ that possibility.
(A) preclude, surpass
(B) intimate, realize
(C) proclaim, condone
(D) vindicate, challenge

16) Many sports writers have been caught up in the activities about which they write and have become advocates and ___ when they ought to have been ___.
(A) promoters, colleagues
(B) participants, collaborators
(C) apologists, critics
(D) opponents, antagonists

17) The ___ of music these days provides the exposure that enables any person to discover that he or she has an ___ for some sort of music.
(A) polyphony. esteem
(B) enrichment, articulation
(C) vibrance, antipathy
(D) accessibility, appreciate

18) By comparing the actual architectural ___ of the Aztec pyramids with those reported in ancient Aztec documents, it is possible to ___ the general descriptive accuracy of these records.
(A) design, falsify
(B) details, assess
(C) blueprints, delay
(D) device, initiate

19) Unfortunately, routine military operations are described ___ in this account of the conflict, whereas analyses of the more significant political considerations are relegated to ___ paragraphs.
(A) concisely, lavish
(B) summarily, interminable
(C) exhaustively, occasional
(D) superficially, ample

20) To understand the people of another culture, one must not form a ___ impression; one must play the role of the ___ and evaluate all of the evidence.
(A) distrustful, skeptic
(B) sympathetic, radical
(C) hasty, scientist
(D) graphic, artist