Sentence Completion Page-3

21) All too often in this book ___ conclusions distort illuminating descriptions and tendentious captions spoil ___ photographs.
(A) Illogical, inane
(B) pertinent, irrelevant
(C) outlandish, superfluous
(D) unjustified, evocative

22) Traditional views assume that violence is somehow ___ "masculine" behavior, rather than a way of behaving which may be ___ by either sex in particular circumstances.
(A) naturally, adopted
(B) inherently, perceived
(C) acceptably, described
(D) accidentally, selected

23) On the assumption that planets and meteors were ___ as a result of the same cosmic catastrophe, their ___ should be roughly similar.
(A) formed, compositions
(B) discovered, dates
(C) evolved, histories
(D) released, shapes

24) Advertising alone, no matter how ___, cannot convince people to ___ an item that answers no real and vital need.
(A) stringent, ignore
(B) innocuous, modify
(C) outrageous, disregard
(D) extensive, purchase

25) If the world's present known reserves of fossil fuels could be ___, construction of nuclear power plants would doubtless be less ___.
(A) augmented, precipitate
(B) depleted, expedient
(C) husbanded, regulated
(D) discovered, hazardous

26) In their search for artifacts, archaeologists are often ___ not because a suspected site is remote and isolated but because it is ___.
(A) misled, verified
(B) undeterred, unearthed
(C) venerated, sacred
(D) frustrated, urbanized

27) The ___ of the individual's desire for freedom despite constant efforts to destroy it does not mean that freedom will triumph; at best, it suggests that the desire for it is ___.
(A) repudiation, enviable
(B) vacillation, insatiable
(C) reassertion, unforeseen
(D) persistence, indestructible

28) Te castles of the feudal lords were primarily forts and therefore constructed more for ___ than for ___ .
(A) privacy, seclusion
(B) protection, comfort
(C) convenience, security
(D) retaliation, defence

29) Stability in a culture does not mean inertia; even the most ___ culture is marked by constant ___.
(A) mobile, inflexibility
(B) materialistic, uncertainty
(C) advanced, variety
(D) conservative, change

30) You have only to study the intricate thoughts of the great philosophers to see that it is possible to express with ___ the most ___ reflections.
(A) refinement, pleasant
(B) unanimity, disagreeable
(C) emotion, banal
(D) lucidity, subtle