Sentence Completion Page-4

31) The very young child has no concept of death; it is too ___ an idea, too ___ his or her experience.
(A) abstract, removed from
(B) frightening, thrilling for
(C) real, close to
(D) families, new to

32) This ___ law will make little difference to the ___ drug companies whose standards are already high.
(A) economical, prosperous
(B) stringent, scrupulous
(C) protective, fraudulent
(D) mitigating, conscientious

33) Modern writers ___ to drape reality with pretty phrases, show us everything, putrid and pure with grim ___.
(A) aspiring, austerity
(B) hesitating, discretion
(C) disdaining, objectivity
(D) purporting, omniscience

34) Good health is ___ with a high degree of resistance to bacterial attack; any influence that lowers one's general health also ___ one's resistance to such an attack.
(A) associated, activities
(B) balanced, secures
(C) allied, increase
(D) synonymous, reduces

35) Few politicians are so ___ asinine as to adopt a stance that is morally ___ and then boast of it.
(A) furtively. precarious
(B) scrupulously, laudable
(C) egregiously, untenable
(D) transparently, indisputable

36) He was the scapegoat, by whose ___ punishment all the other transgressors in the group were, it is supposed, sufficiently ___.
(A) vicarious, amused
(B) undisclosed, avenged
(C) undeserved, implicated
(D) public, chastised

37)People were tired of what human ___ could provide; the invisible, the ___ were the need of the time.
(A) intellect, irrational
(B) belief, mysterious
(C) strength, constructive
(D) beauty, unheard

38) Where one advances, hundreds ___ ; and the balance is always in favor of nearly universal ___.
(A) retreat, peace
(B) battle, weakness
(C) retrogress, deterioration
(D) subside, conflict

39) Although over the years ___ resources had been devoted to alleviating the problem, a satisfactory solution remained ___.
(A) natural, costly
(B) adequate, probable
(C) substantial, elusive
(D) capital, decisive

40) The team attributes its ___ season to a number of ___ factors.
(A) losing, propitious
(B) long, irrelevant
(C) remarkable, derogatory
(D) winning, favorable