Sentence Completion Page-9

81) Enemy movement on the border look a bit ___.
(A) acute
(B) ominous
(C) unusual
(D) insipid

82) There seems to be a ___ of good young players at the moment.
(A) plague
(B) series
(C) plethora
(D) dearth

83) When the hotel burned down, fifty people died in the ___.
(A) sirocco
(B) typhoon
(C) maelstrom
(D) holocaust

84) He could not ___ the incident from his memory.
(A) emboss
(B) exculpate
(C) expunge

85) Union leader tried to calm down ___ workers.
(A) turbid
(B) turgid
(C) torpid
(D) turbulent

86) Because of his ___ personality he is always very difficult to handle.
(A) voluble
(B) volatile
(C) voluptuous
(D) expensive

87) A ___ of the medal was put on show at the museum.
(A) fable
(B) facsimile
(C) allegory
(D) cosmos

88) Heavy ___ were reported in the battle.
(A) depreciation
(B) despoliation
(C) obsolescence
(D) casualties

89) Slavery is the ___ of freedom.
(A) oxymoron
(B) paradox
(C) metaphor
(D) antithesis

90) He keeps forgetting things; I think he is getting ___.
(A) feeble
(B) an octogenarian
(C) forgetful
(D) senile