Sentence Completion Page-6

51) His knowledge of the subject is ___.
(A) expensive
(B) extensive
(C) spacious
(D) spatial

52) The war has seriously ___ attempts to achieve peace.
(A) impaired
(B) attenuated
(C) enfeebled
(D) declined

53) Vitamin ___ can lead to illness.
(A) shortage
(B) deficiency
(C) poverty
(D) want

54) He often ___ from the subject while lecturing.
(A) rambles
(B) roams
(C) digresses
(D) ranges

55) There is ___ among the members of the party.
(A) contention
(B) discord
(C) battle
(D) war

56) Do not keep asking me what to do; use your own___.
(A) unconstrained
(B) voluntary
(C) discretion
(D) gratuitous

57) The description of the accident given by him was quite ___.
(A) bright
(B) vivid
(C) glaring
(D) telling

58) We can not ___ any of our territory.
(A) exceed
(B) accede
(C) concede
(D) precede

59) In the hot sun the surface of the road seems wet, but that is only an ___.
(A) illusion
(B) allusion
(C) delusion
(D) conclusion

60) An ___ agreement was reached between both the parties.
(A) amiable
(B) amicable
(C) likeable
(D) desirable