Sentence Completion Page-10

91) At its ___ the Roman empire covered almost the whole of Europe.
(A) equinox
(B) nadir
(C) zenith
(D) solstice

92) He worked ___ for ten years to make the project successful.
(A) deliberately
(B) assiduously
(C) ingenuously
(D) deliriously

93) Honest poverty is better than dishonest ___.
(A) riches wealth
(B) person
(C) wealth
(D) work

94) We should try to avoid one who is brave in words but not in ___.
(A) actions
(B) reactions
(C) job
(D) fighting

95) Meekness is more attractive than ___.
(A) sickness
(B) naughtiness
(C) laziness
(D) clumsiness

96) Some flowers bloomed, while others ___.
(A) withered
(B) delivered
(C) gathered
(D) scattered

97) A legislation was passed to punish brokers who ___ their clients funds.
(A) defalcate
(B) devastate
(C) devour
(D) embezzle

98) Non-violence is the law of saints as violence is the law of the ___.
(A) coward
(B) foolish
(C) brute
(D) ignorant

99) Beauty is to ugliness and adversity is to ___.
(A) prosperity
(B) cowardice
(C) miser
(D) happiness

100) He said that there was no going back because his decision was ___.
(A) palatable
(B) peremptory
(C) premeditated
(D) revolutionary