Sentence Completion Page-7

61) This disease is ____; do not sit near him.
(A) contagious
(B) contiguous
(C) infectious
(D) touchy

62) He has ___ all the miseries heroically.
(A) born
(B) borne
(C) bane
(D) boon

63) His ___ simplicity is one of his qualities.
(A) childish
(B) childlike
(C) infantile
(D) puerile

64) I do not have any ___.
(A) confident
(B) confidant
(C) confidential
(D) confederate

65) My land is ___to your land.
(A) contagious
(B) contiguous
(C) infectious
(D) touchy

66) I ___ have to remind him of his responsibilities.
(A) contentedly
(B) continuously
(C) continually
(D) persistently

67) Time alone will ___ those unpleasant memories.
(A) efface
(B) deface
(C) erase
(D) wipe away

68) He is ___ for promotion.
(A) illegible
(B) legible
(C) eligible
(D) ineligible

69) An announcement of further increase taxes is ___.
(A) imminent
(B) eminent
(C) immanent
(D) permanent

70) He has ___ knowledge of the subject.
(A) exceptional
(B) exceptionable
(C) exhaustible
(D) exhaustive