Sentence Completion Page-5

41) Advertisement will ___ your sale.
(A) boost
(B) hoist
(C) lift
(D) aid

42) We ___ ourselves for difficult times.
(A) prop
(B) support
(C) brace
(D) refresh

43) I can not ___ that he would wish to harm us.
(A) hatch
(B) produce
(C) breed
(D) conceive

44) Getting this contract is ___ to the future of our company.
(A) humane
(B) crucial
(C) reciprocal
(D) brutal

45) There was a lot of hustle and ___ in the market.
(A) bustle
(B) stir
(C) flutter
(D) ado

46) Adam walked boldly upto the platform without ___.
(A) faltering
(B) flexible
(C) unsteady
(D) wavering

47) It is ___ to steal.
(A) good
(B) corrupt
(C) immoral
(D) wicked

48) We must ___ this accord.
(A) greet
(B) hail
(C) salute
(D) receive

49) You must show ___ for our teachers.
(A) reverence
(B) adoration
(C) homage
(D) veneration

50) The book is out of print and difficult to ___.
(A) achieve
(B) procure
(C) acquire
(D) attain