Sentence Completion Page-8

71) God is kind and ___ to all sinners who repent.
(A) graceful
(B) gracious
(C) gaseous
(D) guessful

72) He flew into a ___ when I would not lend him any money.
(A) overt
(B) sporadic
(C) furtive
(D) fury

73) ___ is a person who produces works of art, especially paintings.
(A) beautician
(B) writer
(C) artistic
(D) artisan

74) About fifty workers were declared ___ by the factory management.
(A) adulatory
(B) avid
(C) rhetorical
(D) redundant

75) He is such an ___ that he's sure he will soon find a job.
(A) pessimist
(B) optimist
(C) philanthropist
(D) profiteer

76) Government did not realize the ___ of people's feeling on this issue.
(A) fragments
(B) attrition
(C) intensity
(D) barbarism

77) Your remarks are not ___ to the matter we are discussing.
(A) pertinent
(B) prolix
(C) prolonged
(D) acrimonious

78) His ___ capacity for food was abnormal.
(A) venal
(B) venial
(C) voracious
(D) veracious

79) The price of food here is ____.
(A) askance
(B) exorbitant
(C) outlandish
(D) usury

80) The reduction of unemployment should be ___ in government's economic policy.
(A) paragon
(B) paramount
(C) paradox
(D) partition