Sentence Completion Page-4

31) He felt great ___ for his daughter.
(A) affection
(B) affectation
(C) love
(D) defection

32) Martin met a ___ accident and died et the spot.
(A) fatal
(B) fateful
(C) crucial
(D) rating

33) Although buses are ___ to depart at a certain hour, they are often late.
(A) scheduled
(B) requested
(C) obligated
(D) loaded

34) Because light travels faster than sound lightning appears to ___ thunder.
(A) prolong
(B) traverse
(C) go before
(D) repel

35) If one helps a criminal, he is also considered ___ of the crime.
(A) suspicious
(B) daring
(C) guilty
(D) culpable

36) The Supreme Court has a reputation for being ___.
(A) stubborn
(B) capricious
(C) just
(D) humorous

37) The ___ motion of the earth as it turns its axis creates the change of seasons.
(A) ancient
(B) rhythmic
(C) leisurely
(D) perpetual

38) If the teams were not so evenly matched, it would be easier to ___ the outcome of the match.
(A) argue
(B) predict
(C) discuss
(D) influence

39) They refuse to ___ defeat.
(A) grant
(B) yield
(C) own
(D) acknowledge

40) All the family members will get together on the ___ day of Christmas.
(A) suspicious
(B) obvious
(C) auspicious
(D) conspicuous