Replacement of Word or a Phrase
In question there is a word or a phrase underlined in each sentence which is to be replaced by a word or a phrase marked a, b, c and d. You are to choose the one word or phrase that best keeps the meaning of the original sentence.

1) As soon as the board of elections, promulgates the list of candidates, a ballot is prepared.
(A) informally discusses
(B) quickly contacts
(C) officially declares
(D) critically reviews

2) Psychologists encourage their patients not to get upset about trivial matters.
(A) unexpected
(B) unusual
(C) unimportant
(D) uncertain

3) The value of an old item increases with time.
(A) a facsimile
(B) a bonus
(C) an antique
(D) an original

4) In frogs and toads, the tongue is fixed to the front of the mouth in order to facilitate projecting it at same distance, greatly aiding in the capture of insects.
(A) rotating
(B) protruding
(C) vibrating
(D) contracting

5) Drivers are fined $100 for careless driving.
(A) routine
(B) reckless
(C) adept
(D) aggressive

6) Even as a child Thomas Edison had a very inquisitive mind; at the age of three he performed his first experiment.
(A) complex
(B) brilliant
(C) mature
(D) curious

7) Drink only tepid liquids.
(A) slightly warm
(B) very hot
(C) slightly cool
(D) very cold

8) Property taxes are based on an estimate of the value of one's property.
(A) appraisal
(B) forecast
(C) yelp
(D) purr

9) It is theorized that the universe is expanding at a rate of fifty miles per second per million light years.
(A) getting larger
(B) getting faster
(C) getting smaller
(D) getting slower

10) Because light travels faster than sound, lightening appears to go before thunder.
(A) prolong
(B) traverse
(C) repel
(D) precede

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