Replacement of Word or a Phrase Page-8

71) Since research studies have shown a relationship between cancer and cigarette smoking, many people have cut down.
(A) ceased smoking
(B) become frightened
(C) decreased the number of cigarettes
(D) gotten sick

72) It is not a good business policy to buy sleazy materials.
(A) few
(B) cheap
(C) used
(D) old

73) Lifting the shoulders is a gesture that indicates lack of interest.
(A) Napping
(B) Shrugging
(C) Sighing
(D) Yawning

74) Pipes may be painted to keep them from getting oxidized.
(A) misplaced
(B) soaked
(C) rusty
(D) frozen

75) Interfering with someone's mail is a serious crime.
(A) Assisting
(B) Tampering
(C) Gambling
(D) Intimidating

76) Athletes learn to conceal their disappointment when they lose.
(A) ignore
(B) regret
(C) accept
(D) disguise

77) Although monkeys occasionally menace their enemies, they are usually not dangerous unless they are provoked.
(A) pursue
(B) consume
(C) threaten
(D) kill

78) Valium is a strong drug that can cause a driver to sleep at the wheel.
(A) dream
(B) sneeze
(C) doze
(D) snore

79) Milk is purified by heating it at 60° C for thirty minutes.
(A) cleansed
(B) stored
(C) mixed
(D) packaged

80) The box fell off his desk and hit the floor with a thump.
(A) a dull noise
(B) a very small sound
(C) a musical sound
(D) a repeated noise