Replacement of Word or a Phrase Page-7

61) In a search to further his knowledge of the unknown, man has explored the earth, the sea and now, outer space.
(A) quest
(B) colloquy
(C) fantasy
(D) documentary

62) Ali seemed sure that he would win the election.
(A) eager
(B) hopeful
(C) confident
(D) resigned

63) For your safety and the safety of others, always pay attention to traffic signals.
(A) overlook
(B) heed
(C) glance at
(D) repair

64) Neon is an element which does not combine readily with any other element; because of this property, it is called an inactive element.
(A) inert
(B) adjacent
(C) explicit
(D) obsolete

65) Attending a mosque is one way to make agreeable friends.
(A) enduring
(B) congenial
(C) elderly
(D) numerous

66) Primary education in the U.S is compulsory.
(A) free of charge
(B) required
(C) excellent
(D) easy

67) Nelson Mandela detested injustice.
(A) recognized
(B) confronted
(C) suffered
(D) abhorred

68) Sometimes items are put on sale because they have imperfections on them.
(A) defects
(B) mileage
(C) signatures
(D) installments

69) A good student is eager to learn and does not need to be warned for being absent too much.
(A) admonished
(B) punished
(C) belittled
(D) spanked

70) An appendectomy is a routine operation.
(A) cheap
(B) small
(C) usual
(D) quick