Replacement of Word or a Phrase Page-9

81) Unless the population growth stabilizes, environmentalists predict a worldwide starvation by the year 2000 A.D.
(A) famine
(B) flood
(C) rebellion
(D) disease

82) Flamingos were about to have died out until laws were passed to protect them.
(A) become confined
(B) become extinct
(C) become infected
(D) become deformed

83) The number of insect species is greater than that of all other animal species.
(A) exceeds
(B) equals
(C) augments
(D) predicts

84) Honeybees live in a complicated society of ten to fifty thousand members.
(A) concealed
(B) complex
(C) extension
(D) eradication

85) All drinks that include saccharin must be marked with a warning label because saccharin may cause cancer.
(A) packages
(B) beverages
(C) medications
(D) desserts

86) Magma is the primary source of all the earth's rocks.
(A) cheapest
(B) first
(C) nearest
(D) worst

87) Sharks must swim all the time to avoid sinking.
(A) swiftly
(B) rarely
(C) precisely
(D) constantly

88) Microprocessors, unlike computers, are programmed to complete defined tasks.
(A) specific
(B) arduous
(C) several
(D) similar

89) The galaxy slowly circles around a spherical center.
(A) expands
(B) rotates
(C) accelerates
(D) vibrates

90) Carbohydrates are plentiful in nature where they serve as an immediate source of energy.
(A) abundant
(B) unstable
(C) obscure
(D) reliable