Replacement of Word or a Phrase Page-4

31) Madame Curie was completely engrossed in her work.
(A) disturbed
(B) absorbed
(C) fatigued
(D) successful

32) Strive for excellence.
(A) Cooperate with others
(B) Be patient
(C) Make efforts
(D) Pay well

33) It is very discourteous to intrude during someone's conversation.
(A) find fault
(B) disagree
(C) be in the way
(D) leave quickly

34) In certain types of poisoning, immediately give large quantities of soapy or salty water in order to induce vomiting.
(A) control
(B) clean
(C) cause
(D) stop

35) Feeling irritable may be a side effect of too much medication.
(A) drowsy
(B) grouchy
(C) dizzy
(D) silly

36) Preservatives are added to bread to keep it from getting stale.
(A) small
(B) flat
(C) old
(D) wet

37) The examination will begin precisely at eight-thirty.
(A) exactly
(B) usually
(C) occasionally
(D) monthly

38) Most competitions are not open to both professionals and non-professionals.
(A) aliens
(B) juniors
(C) amateurs
(D) tutors

39) A balanced diet should include fish and fowl as well as red meat.
(A) fruit
(B) birds
(C) vegetables
(D) cheese and milk

40) Although buses are scheduled to depart at a certain hour, they are often late.
(A) listed
(B) obligated
(C) requested
(D) loaded