Replacement of Word or a Phrase Page-6

51) It will be necessary for the doctor to widen the pupils of your eyes with some drops in order to examine them.
(A) massage
(B) treat
(C) dilate
(D) solar

52) A laser beam is used to penetrate even the hardest substances.
(A) light up
(B) repair
(C) identify
(D) pass through

53) Mr. Alex always speaks out about everything.
(A) declares his opinion
(B) agrees
(C) quarrels
(D) has an interest

54) If the teams were not so evenly matched, it would be easier to foretell the outcome of the game.
(A) argue
(B) predict
(C) discuss
(D) influence

55) Keep two pencils handy while taking the examination.
(A) extra
(B) secret
(C) near
(D) sharp

56) Unorganized guessing will probably not raise a test score as significantly as choosing one letter as a "guess answer" for the entire examination.
(A) Cryptic
(B) Haphazard
(C) Economical
(D) Subsequent

57) The thief was apprehended, but his accomplice has disappeared.
(A) people who saw him
(B) guns and knives
(C) person who helped him
(D) stolen goods

58) Electrical energy may be divided into two components specified as positive and negative.
(A) confused
(B) designated
(C) accumulated
(D) separated

59) A vacant apartment in London City is very difficult to find.
(A) good
(B) large
(C) empty
(D) clean

60) Astronomy provides the knowledge necessary for correct time keeping, navigation, surveying and map making.
(A) meticulous
(B) incessant
(C) accurate
(D) ancient