Replacement of Word or a Phrase Page-5

41) Because of the extreme pressure underwater, divers are often sluggish.
(A) slow
(B) hurt
(C) careful
(D) worried

42) Travel agents will confirm your reservations for you free.
(A) purchase
(B) verify
(C) exchange
(D) obtain

43) Cricket commentator, Shane, had to yell to be heard above the hubbub.
(A) noise and confusion
(B) loud music
(C) argument
(D) sports activity

44) In the famous nursery rhyme about Jack and Jill, Jill tumbled down the hill after Jack.
(A) called
(B) fell
(C) ran
(D) flew

45) Sometimes, while living in a foreign country, one craves a special dish from home.
(A) desires
(B) eats
(C) prepares
(D) looks for

46) A good auditorium will assure that the sound is able to be heard.
(A) superior
(B) genuine
(C) audible
(D) contained

47) Variations in the color of sea water from blue to green seem to be caused by high or low concentrations of salt.
(A) Changes
(B) Descriptions
(C) Measures
(D) Clarity

48) What may be considered courteous in one culture may be interpreted as arrogant in another.
(A) clumsy
(B) sleazy
(C) surly
(D) flimsy

49) A clever politician will take advantage of every speaking engagement to campaign for the next election.
(A) rash
(B) intrepid
(C) crude
(D) shrewd

50) In order to be issued a passport, one must either present legal documents or call a witness to give evidence concerning one's identity.
(A) testify
(B) investigate
(C) falsify
(D) evaluate