FPSC - Ministry of Defence 2010 Past Paper

51) The first migration (Hijrat) of the companions and relatives of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was to which place.
(A) Mecca
(B) Syria
(C) Jerusalem
(D) Ethiopia (Habshia)
(E) Medina

52) Beneficent is most similar to:
(A) help
(B) advantageous
(C) charity
(D) wise
(E) fresh

53) Even after a century of __________ investigation, the relation of the solar cycle with terrestrial weather remains ________.
(A) Meticulous, Apparent
(B) Cursory, Clear
(C) Sedulous, Pertinent
(D) Extensive, Enigmatic
(E) Scientific, Unobserved

54) The Cyprus dispute is a conflict over Cyprus (an island nation in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea) between:
(A) Cyprus and UK
(B) Turkey and EU
(C) Greece and US
(D) Greece and Turkey
(E) None of the above

55) What are the _________ qualifications for the job?
(A) necessary
(B) neccesary
(C) necessary
(D) necessary
(E) neccessery

56) Simulate is most similar to:
(A) excite
(B) imitate
(C) trick
(D) apelike
(E) merry

57) It __________ during summer months:
(A) Rain
(B) Rains
(C) has rain
(D) is raining
(E) is rained

58) A robber broke ________ his house last night and took away a lot of valueables.
(A) by
(B) on
(C) into
(D) in
(E) out

59) The _________ before the Court prayed for __________ the appointment orders issued by the management.
(A) Writ, Granting
(B) Application, Posting
(C) Appeal, Removing
(D) Petition, Quashing
(E) Jury, Dismissing

60) Negligible is most similar to:
(A) insignificant
(B) arguable
(C) careless
(D) dark
(E) sufficient