FPSC - Ministry of Defence 2010 Past Paper

21) Continue is most opposite to:
(A) curve
(B) argue
(C) carry
(D) pause
(E) active

22) Distort is most similar to:
(A) wrong
(B) evil
(C) deform
(D) harm
(E) calm

23) It's most important that students studying at university learn to work ________
(A) Indepenantly
(B) Independintly
(C) Independently
(D) Independentely
(E) Indepandently

24) I could ________ see the sight since it was dark.
(A) Clearly
(B) Barely
(C) Obviously
(D) Aptly
(E) Completely

25) Predict is most similar to:
(A) foretell
(B) decide
(C) prevent
(D) discover
(E) review

26) Remote is most similar to:
(A) automatic
(B) distant
(C) savage
(D) mean
(E) remove

(A) neutral
(B) unkind
(C) precious
(D) mean
(E) similar

28) What was the relation between Prophet Ismail (PBUH) and Prophet Ishaq (PBUH).
(A) Real Brothers
(B) Step Brothers
(C) Cousins
(D) Father and Son
(E) None

29) Unlike the ancient Greeks, we are interested in a person's _________ the things that make each person different from the general.
(A) Qualities
(B) Idiosyncrasies
(C) Failures
(D) Stereotypes
(E) Humanity

30) There are total how many seats in the national assembly of Pakistan?
(A) 332
(B) 342
(C) 352
(D) 362
(E) None of the above