FPSC - Ministry of Defence 2010 Past Paper

41) Which party was in power in North West Frontier Province (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa) at the time of independence.
(A) Muslim League
(B) Congress
(C) Justice Party
(D) Communist Party
(E) Tehreek e Pakistan

42) Secret is most opposite to:
(A) friendly
(B) covert
(C) hidden
(D) overt
(E) clever

43) impartial is most opposite to:
(A) hostile
(B) biased
(C) dislike
(D) worried
(E) tired

44) Animosity is most opposite to:
(A) love
(B) plant like
(C) barren
(D) tiny
(E) grudge

45) Who was the Foster Mother of the Holy Prophet (PBUH)?
(A) Hazrat Amina
(B) Hazrat Eve
(C) Hazrat Haleema
(D) Hazrat Hajra
(E) None of the above

46) Withdraw is most opposite to:
(A) reduce
(B) need
(C) advance
(D) want
(E) shallow

47) Bad news! I'm afraid there has been a _________ drop in sales since the same period last year
(A) Definate
(B) Definite
(C) Defenete
(D) Defenite
(E) Dafinite

48) On account of the ________ in sales the software firm has achieved an eight percent _________ in net profit.
(A) Surge, Fall
(B) Increase, Rise
(C) Decline, Slope
(D) Hike, Loss
(E) Growth, Advance

49) A Person of Which of the Following Blood groups is called a universal donor?
(A) O-ve
(B) AB-ve
(C) A-ve
(D) B-ve
(E) A+ve

50) What was the main difficulty which delayed the constitution making in Pakistan.
(A) Exact number of state
(B) Lack of interest among members of the constitution assembly
(C) The distribution of powers between Federal and Provincial governments
(D) Corrupt administration
(E) None of these