FPSC - Ministry of Defence 2010 Past Paper

61) Red blood corpuscles are formed in the:
(A) Liver
(B) Bone marrow
(C) Kidneys
(D) Heart
(E) Brain

62) Talent is most opposite to:
(A) ungrateful
(B) silent
(C) show
(D) inability
(E) arrogance

63) Onions grow in _________ in this part and hence they are always very cheap here:
(A) Demand
(B) Abundance
(C) Peak
(D) Excessive
(E) Dearth

64) Nine members have _________ about the decision, but the tenth one view it _________
(A) Consensus, Similarly
(B) Disagreement, Collectively
(C) Agreement, Differently
(D) Spoken, Expressly
(E) Solution, Critically

65) If difference between the ages X and Y is 12 years and the ratio of their ages is 3:7 then what is the age of Y?
(A) 4 years
(B) 7 years
(C) 11 years
(D) 21 years
(E) 16 years

66) If 9 x 7 = 3545 and 4 x 3 = 1520 then 6 x 8?
(A) 5040
(B) 6050
(C) 4030
(D) 3040
(E) 4060

67) At a company's Annual Dinner , 1/2 in attendance are employees.Employees' spouse is 1/3 of the attendance.What is the percentage of people is the percentage of the people in attendance who are neither employees nor employees spouses.
(A) 10.5%
(B) 16.7%
(C) 25%
(D) 32.3%
(E) 38%

68) If fifth of the month falls two days after Monday, what day of the week will precede the 19th of the month?
(A) Friday
(B) Wednesday
(C) Saturday
(D) Tuesday
(E) Monday

69) When my father went to school, the boys and girls were taught in ________ classes.
(A) seperate
(B) separate
(C) separete
(D) seperete
(E) saparate

70) You need 4/5 cups of water for a recipe. You accidentally put 1/3 cups into the mixing bowl with the dry ingredients. How much more water in the cups do you need to add?
(A) 1/3 cups
(B) 2/3 cups
(C) 1/15 cups
(D) 7/15 cups
(E) 7/16 cups