Sentence Completion Set-2 Page-10

91) Get a ___ for the merchandise.
(A) recipe
(B) receipt
(C) slip
(D) letter

92) I have no ___ motive in offering this advice; I seek no personal advantage.
(A) ulterior
(B) nominal
(C) disinterested
(D) incongruous

93) It is ___ that students do not repay their loans.
(A) laudable
(B) unfortunate
(C) unforgivable
(D) regrettable

94) It became ___ that he was going to die.
(A) visible
(B) distinct
(C) apparent
(D) manifest

95) Those cottages ___ perfectly with the landscape.
(A) mix
(B) blend
(C) unite
(D) compound

96) Failing the exam was a ___ disappointment to him.
(A) sour
(B) tart
(C) bitter
(D) acrid

97) You must ___ after hard work.
(A) relax
(B) repose
(C) compose
(D) depose

98) After his operation he was ___ to bed for a week.
(A) circumscribed
(B) cramped
(C) confined
(D) limited

99) He was fined $100 for ___ driving.
(A) lavish
(B) prodigal
(C) reckless
(D) thrifty

100) The sea at that time was perfectly ___.
(A) harmonious
(B) concordant
(C) calm
(D) in agreement