Sentence Completion Set-2 Page-5

41) I ran quickly _______ late.
(A) not in order to be
(B) in order to be not
(C) in order not to be
(D) in order to not be

42) I ________ trouble with my bicycle these days.
(A) have been experiencing
(B) experience
(C) have been experienced
(D) experienced

43) When the clock struck six o'clock, I _________ here for over an hour.
(A) have waited
(B) had to wait
(C) shall have waited
(D) had been waiting

44) I ________ a lie if I ever said that i liked you.
(A) was telling
(B) have been telling
(C) would have been telling
(D) would have told

45) He asked the teacher if he _______ with that pen.
(A) shall write
(B) can write
(C) is writing
(D) would write

46) I will sing if he _________.
(A) will ask me
(B) shall ask me
(C) asks me
(D) were ask me

47) I will meet him when he _________.
(A) will come
(B) had come
(C) would have come
(D) comes

48) When your body does not get _________ it can not make the glucose it needs.
(A) enough food
(B) food as enough
(C) food enough
(D) enough the food

49) Many chemicals react _________ in acid solutions.
(A) more quickly
(B) more quick
(C) quicker
(D) as quickly more

50) It is now believed that some damage to tissues may result _________ them to frequent X-rays.
(A) the exposing
(B) from exposing
(C) from exposure
(D) expose