Sentence Completion Set-2 Page-8

71) What a ___ you were not hurt in the accident.
(A) prayers
(B) praise
(C) blessing
(D) consecration

72) His argument is quite ___.
(A) sickly
(B) unconvincing
(C) fragile
(D) infirm

73) So long you are not well avoid ___ exercise.
(A) strong
(B) lusty
(C) vigorous
(D) powerful

74) We were caught in the storm and got ___.
(A) soaked
(B) drenched
(C) damped
(D) moistened

75) Govt must hold a ___ inquiry.
(A) intelligent
(B) judicial
(C) sensible
(D) discreetly

76) The ___ of the headlights of the car almost blinded me.
(A) shine
(B) glare
(C) dazzle
(D) luminosity

77) The chair is In the garden; please ___ it.
(A) bring
(B) fetch
(C) carry
(D) transport

78) Urge people who smoke to ___ the habit.
(A) surrender
(B) abandon
(C) discontinue
(D) desert

79) Napoleon's army was completely ___ in the battle of Waterloo.
(A) annihilated
(B) destroyed
(C) repeated
(D) finished

80) We have ___ trust in you.
(A) perfect
(B) entire
(C) imperative
(D) absolute