Sentence Completion Set-2 Page-9

81) You must ___ enough evidence to ensure his conviction.
(A) hoard
(B) store
(C) rallied
(D) accumulate

82) The government was ___ of incompetence.
(A) charged
(B) accused
(C) impeached
(D) censured

83) The jury ___ him of murder.
(A) discharged
(B) acquitted
(C) absolved
(D) none of these

84) You must ___ yourself to the new Conditions.
(A) adopt
(B) adept
(C) adapt
(D) convert

85) Face ___ with courage.
(A) misery
(B) poverty
(C) adversity
(D) affliction

86) The Govt must ___ the suffering of the people.
(A) ally
(B) allay
(C) rid
(D) palliate

87) The police arrested him and his one ___.
(A) friend
(B) colleague
(C) accomplice
(D) operator

88) He ___ our help.
(A) resents
(B) recants
(C) remove
(D) resign

89) We will do our work ___.
(A) latter
(B) later
(C) long
(D) after

90) Here is a ___ for chocolate cake.
(A) receipt
(B) recipe
(C) formula
(D) technique