Sentence Completion Set-2 Page-6

51) The average height of Himalayas is twenty thousand feet, and Mount Everest ___ to more than twenty-nine thousand feet at its apex.
(A) raise
(B) rises
(C) roses
(D) arises

52) Political dissidents complained of being ___ by the police.
(A) capitulated
(B) desecrated
(C) minimized
(D) harassed

53) He became very ___ and started arguing with me angrily.
(A) subservient
(B) truculent
(C) pellucid
(D) stringent

54) Praise always ___ him to make greater efforts.
(A) bores
(B) stimulates
(C) entices
(D) enervates

55) The results of this policy will remain ___ for some times.
(A) outstanding
(B) dubious
(C) impressive
(D) remarkable

56) Your conduct is most ___.
(A) reprobate
(B) recidivist
(C) reprehensible
(D) regurgitate

57) Knowledge is like a deep well fed by ___ springs and your mind in the little bucked that you drop in it.
(A) external
(B) perennial
(C) immortal
(D) inexhaustible

58) The ___ arguments put forth for not disclosing the facts did not impress anybody.
(A) specious
(B) intemperate
(C) spurious
(D) convincing

59) Alex was so good at Mathematics that his friends considered him to be a ___.
(A) prodigy
(B) prodigal
(C) primeval
(D) profligate

60) The controversy is likely to create ___ between the two rivals.
(A) doubt
(B) amity
(C) bitterness
(D) revenge