General Biology MCQs Set-2

1) Green colour of plants is due to the presence of:
(A) Sodium
(B) Phosphorus
(C) Chlorophyll
(D) Iron

2) Which one of the following plants bears no fruits but produces seeds?
(A) Groundnut
(B) Sugarcane
(C) Cycas
(D) Almond

3) Which of the followings are considered to be the simplest living organisms with ability to manufacture their own food by photosynthesis:
(A) Diatoms
(B) Bacteria
(C) Green plants
(D) Blue-green algae

4) Bryophytes are:
(A) Vascular plants
(B) Non-vascular plants
(C) Tracheophytes
(D) Prokaryotes

5) The forests in Pakistan comprising of which one of the following are facing the danger of extinction:
(A) Pine
(B) Cedars
(C) Junipers
(D) Fir

6) During photosynthesis green plants build up:
(A) Carbohydrates
(B) Proteins
(C) Fats
(D) All these

7) Pollens are produced in larger numbers and are light in weight in flowers pollinated by:
(A) Wind
(B) Water
(C) Insects
(D) All these

8) Photosynthesis is a bio-chemical process for the transfer of solar energy to:
(A) Nitrogen cycle
(B) Hydraulic cycle
(C) Petrological cycle
(D) Food chain cycle

9) Ginger is an example of:
(A) Tuber
(B) Rhizome
(C) Bulb
(D) Corm

10) The earliest organisms that appeared on the surface of earth were probably:
(A) Autotrophs
(B) Symbionts
(C) Heterotrophs
(D) None of the above


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