General Biology Page-2

11) Osmosis is a function of which of the following factors?
(A) The number of solute molecules in the solutions on the two sides of the selectively permeable membrane
(B) Pressure
(C) Temperature
(D) All of the above

12) Which of the following plant micronutrients is involved in the electron transport in photosynthesis?
(A) Manganese
(B) Molybdenum
(C) Copper
(D) Zinc

13) Bamboo is a:
(A) Herb
(B) Grass
(C) Shrub
(D) Tree

14) Cork cells are impervious to water because of the presence of:
(A) Cellulose
(B) Cutin
(C) Lignin
(D) Suberin

15) Fern belongs to:
(A) Bryophyta
(B) Pterophyta
(C) Anthophyta
(D) None of these

16) In which section of the plant does photosynthesis take place?
(A) Roots
(B) Stem
(C) Leaves
(D) Flowers

17) Photosynthesis takes place faster in:
(A) Yellow light
(B) White light
(C) Red light
(D) Darkness

18) Age of a tree can be determined by:
(A) Counting the number of rings in the stem
(B) Counting the number of leaves
(C) Counting the number of branches
(D) Measuring the size of the tree

19) Protein which acts as hormone is?
(A) Casein
(B) Oxytocin
(C) Trypsin
(D) Keratin

20) During the day time plants:
(A) Take in oxygen and give out carbon dioxide
(B) Take in carbon dioxide and give out oxygen
(C) Take in nitrogen and give out oxygen
(D) Take in carbon dioxide and give out nitrogen

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