General Biology Page-5

41) Substances which bring down the body temperature are known as:
(A) Antipyretics
(B) Analgesics
(C) Antibiotics
(D) None

42) Enzymes are?
(A) Protein
(B) Minerals
(C) Oils
(D) Fatty acids

43) By taking pulse rate of the human body a doctor determines:
(A) Condition of the liver
(B) Amount of blood in the body
(C) Checks the lungs
(D) Heart beat

44) Science of treatment of muscular and skeletal system is known as:
(A) Odontology
(B) Ophthalmology
(C) Paediatrics
(D) Orthopedics

45) The study of the nervous system and its disorder is called:
(A) Urology
(B) Haematology
(C) Neurology
(D) Herpetology

46) Which area of the brain is responsible for control of the body temperature?
(A) Pituitary
(B) Thalamus
(C) Hypothalamus
(D) Pineal

47) Oxygen transportation in a human body takes place through : 1. Blood 2. Lungs 3. Tissue. The correct sequence of transportation is:
(A) 1,2,3
(B) 3,1,2
(C) 2,1,3
(D) 1,3,2

48) Which of the following is sedative?
(A) Mescaline
(B) Sulfadiazine
(C) Equanil
(D) Papaverine

49) Warm-blooded animals maintain a high body temperature for faster:
(A) Digestion
(B) Breathing
(C) Breeding
(D) Movement

50) In which of the following do red blood cells originate?
(A) Bone marrow
(B) Brain
(C) Ligaments
(D) Muscles


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